MAY Ltd. bicycles stand for purity, simplicity, and supreme urban usability. Crafted for the modern commuter, our bikes blend minimalist design with functional perfection.


Functional design

Built around a high-quality, handmade steel frame with lugged forks. The 8-speed Shimano gears allow maximum flexibility in city traffic, while renowned quality components ensure high safety and comfort.



Timeless aesthetics

We embrace a minimalist design philosophy that stands the test of time. Inspired by the frame geometry of the Italian Giro d'Italia racing bikes of the 70s, our YIWU models are a tribute to all those who like it minimalist and fast. 



OVO Bike Basket

Need your bike for your weekly shopping? Commuting to work? Picnic with your loved ones? Our OVO basket is specifically designed for the YIWU bike, so you never need to worry about space anymore.

Get OVO basket



Stay safe on the road and let people know that you are coming. Our DONG bell complements your YIWU perfectly.

Get DONG bell

Frequently asked questions

What does MAY stand for?

The name MAY reminds us daily of our pursuit to bring a spring-vibe into customers live. We love the times when things start to bloom and life awakens. All of our products follow the aesthetic principles of purity, simplicity and functional design.

What bike size is best for me?

You can find the available sizes when viewing your preferred product. Based on the body size, we generally recommend:

S: 150cm - 170cm
M: 171cm - 185cm
L: 185cm - 195cm

If you're between those sizes, choose a smaller size for a more agile, sporty ride - and a taller size for a more smooth ride.

Where do you ship, and what are the costs?

We ship our bikes across Switzerland and to most EU-countries. Depending on the products and your location, free shipping might apply. You will find detailed information on the checkout page after entering your address.

How long does delivery take?

We generally ship bicycles and accessories within 3-4 working days. This might vary per product, and you will see the expected delivery date on the product page.

Do you offer bikes for men/ women?

We believe that style has no gender. All of our bikes are unisex bikes and suitable for both men and women.